Introducing B2B and B2C Payments

Credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, ACH, paper or electronic checks:  This course provides an overview of key types of payments as well as of primary questions to ask to identify which are right for your company and your clients.  Includes how and when money moves, risk factors, business-to-business, and business-to/from-consumers

Fundamentals of Risk Management

New programs bring opportunities... and risks.  Taking risks helps a company grow and unidentified risks can hamper--or cripple--routine business activities.  Risk management should not be a paperwork exercise, but part of the responsibility of every worker, manager, executive, and board member.  This course leverages international standards for risk management and hands-on problem solving to help your company effectively manage its risks.

Update on the Payments Ecosystem

With so many ways to move money, which make the most sense for a company, for a nonprofit organization?  Learn about mobile, paper, electronic, cyber, and other options:  how do they differ, what are the benefits, who takes the risks?


Custom courses -- to meet your enterprise's needs

Pick your topic:  Governance and Policy-setting for Boards?  Managing Risks?  Moving Money and Making Payments?  Financial innovation, Sustainability, and Regulation?  One-hour through 2-day workshop classes available at your request.  Executive/conceptual guidance for boards of directors, practical sessions for staff.  We'll tailor our presentations to meet your professional training needs.

Consulting Services

Hands on or conceptual.  Short- or long-term consulting to meet your company's needs to implement payments and risk management programs.


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